Our Story: Hi, welcome to my website for this enormous collection. You can also contact me or view my blog  HERE   This monumental labor of love was created after 15 years of collecting military eBooks and not finding a single usable collection. I spent a small fortune buying over 20,000 mostly untitled repeat copies. After multiple lifesaving surgeries, let's just say I had a lot of idle time on my hands, and most importantly a little boy. So I set out to create the most perfect collection of this powerful knowledge in existence. I was a collector since the beginning of the internet so I had always wanted to have an organized, best of the best collection like this for myself. I also knew there would be a great demand for a collection that sorted the mess that no one had ever had the time or patience to do before. Plus, who doesn't want $10,000 worth of amazing books for under $30. I selected only the best PDF ebooks, created a fast easy index, titled everything, including branch of service, year, and number of pages for every book (All Rights Reserved). For 4 years and many 12-15 hour days of extremely tedious work just making the best of bad situation. If it saved one person somehow it would be well worth it. Thank you for checking us out, M. Redfish

Easy To Use!

All that your flash drive contains are simple folders wiyh PDF ebooks inside. So there are no programs or installing anything. Just plug the flash drive into a USB port. If it doesn't open instantly, your PC window will open. Then choose the yellow folder that says "Open Folder To View Files" and thats it. In the rare instance that your device doesn't have one, a free reader will be needed like Adobe Reader etc.

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